Bretox is your contact for questions relating to the registration and toxicology of chemicals, in particular plant protection products and biocides. Bretox has been founded by Christel Breton-Verberk.  

With over 15 years of experience in regulatory consultancy, she is your trusted choice to assist you in the complete process of registration.


Bretox services include:

 -  Feasibility studies

 -  Preparation of application forms and packages

 -  Preparation of dossier summaries

 -  Hazard, Exposure and Risk assessments  

 -  Assistance with preparation of dossier content, including preparation  of expert statements or advise on out-coursing  

 -  Assistance with post-submission support, i.e. addressing questions from competent authorities after submission of the dossier, during the evaluation of the authorities


For existing and new products at national and EU level!